Serenity Valley (serenity_valley) wrote in herasdaughters,
Serenity Valley

looking for people like me

Hello and my apologies in advance if I'm doing this wrong -- still new to LiveJournal.

Anyway, I'm looking for people who are the children of parents with personality disorders and of course, this community seemed like the right place. About my situation: my mom is bipolar, went undiagnosed for 20+ years (coincidentally, while I was growing up, as if that wasn't already obvious), went through what is probably the typical kind of messed up crap that most bipolar people go through, dragging me along with her for the ride. I'm sure you're familiar with the routine: playing the part of parent because your own parent is incapable of it, picking them up when they come crashing down, trying to survive the high points, trying harder to survive the low points, blah blah blah fishcakes. She's been self-medicating for about 10 years, but finally went into therapy and got a formal diagnosis a couple of years ago.

Anyway, about six months ago, a Series of Unfortunate Events conspired against me/us and she decided it was best to informally disown me, whatever the hell that means. Since the rest of my family situation revolves around my mother and what she says goes, that means pretty much all of my family has chosen to remove themselves from my life.

Things are good in all other fronts (especially my oh-so-wonderful husband) but this particular aspect has been weighing heavily and I've been feeling lonely and isolated wrt my family situation. I've decided it's time I find other people like me who know and understand what I'm going through and have gone through.

I know I can't be the only one and judging from the previous posts, looks like I'm not. Anyway, if anyone's interested in sharing their own experiences on this front, maybe share some laughs to make the coping a little easier, I hope you'll contact me through this community or email or whatever.

Thanks for reading all the way through my rambling.
Brittney, aka serenity_valley
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