Dragonsally (dragonsally) wrote in herasdaughters,

Introducing myself

Hi to everyone
I've just discovered this community, and joined gratefully. I'm the adult daughter of a mother with schizophrenia, and numerous other health problems which don't help her situation at all. She's just spent a 3 month stint in the Aged Psych Unit at her local hospital, and is now in respite for a few weeks because her Meniere's disease has flared up - probably/possibly as a result of her new medication. The problem is, its the only medication she's had in the last few years which has kept her psychosis free, so I'm very worried that they might take her off it. Its looking as if she is coming to the end of independent living, at the age of 70, and that's difficult for her to accept. Its really hard for me too, as I'm her principal caring - although at a distance as my partner and I both have health problems which prevent us driving the 1 1/2 hours to be with her very often. This means I do a lot of phone work with her, and as most of you probably know or have learnt its sometimes difficult to tell how someone really is over the phone. Its also really difficult when I know she needs my help, and I can't give it physically.
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