Dragonsally (dragonsally) wrote in herasdaughters,


I just had the most frustrating converstaion with my mum.
Last week I said she was told she would be in hospital as soon as a
bed is available? Well, she's received totally conflicting reports from 2
workers today...at least that's what she said and believes. I hate it when
she's ill like this, as I never know whether what she says is the truth
or not, or from 'off the planet'. I guess I'll have to ring the case
manager myself tomorrow to find out what is going on. I really hate it when I can't just accept what she says at face value, and worry whether I'm being used as a pawn in a game -she's always so good at the emotional blackmail stuff and I seem to fall for it so easily. I guess thats because I care about what's happening to her
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