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Butterflies in tummy...

So yesterday I spent the whole day talking to my sister. It was joyous. We had been mutually looking for each other and unfortunately had far too many horror stories to tell for just one day. My father did hideous things to her and I don't know why, but his family abandoned her for him. Even after he spent 4 years in prison for molesting her. I just don't see how someone could pull the blinders up that much. It is beyond cruel. She has been through hell and back. My father got her addicted to coke, gave her her first cigarettes at nine years old, and he constantly made her feel like crap. He won't even appologize. My stomach is still cramping from all of this. Well, the amazing thing is we are so much alike. She has been looking for me since her teens but stopped in fear that my father would hurt me somehow. When she was put in foster care she stole a baby picture of me and stared at it trying to think of what I was like. In most sense of the word she was very protective of me and didn't even know me. It is strange how two humans that never meet can love each other so much. It boggles my mind. She like similar food as me and she is very smart. I think it is kinda cute that she has a deep southern accent as well. I have a flat ass northeastern thing happening. The thing that truly amazes me about her is her ability to survive. You see she was born with a tiny hole in her heart and muscular distrophe. The abuse my father did to her has also left her scared and in pain most days. I revel in her resillence and love her for everybit of it. My heart is so heavy I feel like my chest is going to explode. Never in my life could I have imagined someone I hardly new could be so fircely protective and sweet. God bless my stars. I have closed a chapter in my life and i'm on to the next. I just pray that this is over for the both of us.

All I can say in this moment is

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that's so great that you finally found each other.
I think so. She is something else. I tease her all the time. She is my big sis, so don't mess with me kind of stuff. LMAO. I feel so...indescribable. ((grinning like idiot))
Congratulations on finding each other. We do have such powerful bonds to our siblings!
I agree. She is very much like me. I would give her my kidney or my right arm (saving my left arm for my daughter hehe) She is everything I could have wanted and more.

I adopted a girl who was abused like your sister was. Terrible abuse. One of the worst in our county in several years. She was nine and was also diagnosed with by polar and manic depression when she was 9. She also is showing signs of schophrenia now (sp?). She is 23 and a cutter. She is struggling so hard from all of this. It really saddens me.

She had to leave a sister who was very young behind in the environment she was taken out of. I really do not understand why they do that. I will you she has not stopped thinking about her sister since the day she was taken. I imagine your sister is like her in that matter.

She is afraid to look for her sister because she thinks her sister will reject her but I told her when her sister is 18 she should try to see her or find her and talk to her.

I am so happy for your reunion and glad it worked out. I and my brother were seperated when we were young and our reunion did not work out that well and I think that is why she is afraid to look for her sister. I told her to atleast try or she will end up wondering about her forever.
I agree. She needs to find her. You never know if she is on a similar search. It is sad to hear this kind of stuff unfortunately it is all to common. I wish both of you well and will say a mantra for strength. : )