Child of a Narcissistic Mother (narcissistchild) wrote in herasdaughters,
Child of a Narcissistic Mother


Hello. I just found this community. I am not new to Live Journal but this is a new journal for me. I have a mother with a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She hasn't been diagnosed and more than likely never will. At this particular moment we aren't even speaking. She has emotionally, mentally and physically abused my sisters and I our whole lives. She played us againt each other as children so none of us ever bonded. We're barely starting to now that we're adults and are figuring out what is/has been going on. It has severely affected my ability to trust women and I have very few female friends. I was the oldest and everything was always MY fault. Once I couldn't take it anymore and moved out when I was 16, she found a new scapegoat in my stepfather, then my middle sister and finally my youngest sister. She has alienated most of us at this point. My (step)father and I joke about needing to start a support group for survivors of relationships with her. She has even gotten to the point of hurting her grandchildren. It's past ridiculous at this point.

Anyway, I was looking for support maybe I found some here. Have a great day! 
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