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Mommy Rant

I have just about had it with my mother today. Parents went on vacation and asked me to watch the house for them. I get the mail every day, I water the plants once a week. Drive 45minutes one way out of my way to check their home every single day. I have doen this for them for years. YEARS! But does she think I am capable? Does she just let me do it? Or does she call me 4 times a day long distance and remind me about it, then again to check what she got in the mail, then again to make sure I locked the house after I left. She is supposed to be on vacation. Playing golf and seeing old friends. They have done this trip for 5 bloody years. This has never happened before. I can't figure out what is wrong. It is like I am suddenly not a responsible adult. I even talked with my father to see if somehting was wrong on that end. He says she is having fun, he takes her golfing every day. Her friends are there and there are no problems there. She is not depressed or moody. What is it? I am about ready to disconect my phone. And she is so sickly sweet about it. 'I hope Im not bothering you dear' 'I just didn't want you to forget' What does she think I am going to do? Leave the front door open and call for burglars or burn the place down?

OK, I feel better. I think I can handle this now. Mother, I love you dearly. Stop calling me.
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