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I'm new, I'll make this first post short and simple.
My mother has schizophrenia,
but I havnt seen her in years. ( i had visits with her until the age of 8 or 9)
My grandparents on my fathers side took custody of me when I was a couple years old, and my father and grandparents and aunts raised me.
I saw my mom a year or two ago, on the streets downtown (she doesnt know who I am),but she didnt see me, and if she did, she didnt recognize me. it's just sad knowing I'm really well off, and shes living on the streets talking to invisible people.

I have a half sister who I met years back and she volunteered at a shelter, and she said she saw our mother holding three baby dolls, and named them Christina (me), tanya, and bridget (her three daughters)

It's just maddening that noone in my family helped her, I mean she might not have wanted help, but I dont really know the whole story.

Iv'e been trying to track her down for about a year now with no luck.
I cant believe she could die tomorrow and I wouldnt even know.

okay that wasnt as short as I thought it was.
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That is one of the problems with the disease. People remeber but not reality. Try volunteering at a shelter yourself. I people there know you are looking for your mother and you are willing to help others they may be more willingto help you find her. Street people generally don't give out alot of information to outsiders.